Remembering Yossie Yurowitz, A’H – BY Zeesh Mermelstein

It takes someone strong, genuine and lovable to make an impact on another human being. However, when that person makes an everlasting impact on a whole community in four months, that takes someone larger than Life.


We knew Yossi as a great guy, many mutual friends and industry connections. However it wasn’t until Yossi, Layla and Tzviki moved the the Pines that we got to truly recognize who he was.


Instantly, the neighborhood respected him and valued his life balance of Family, Davening, Learning and work. 

We sat at the same table Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur. Our Davening as well as the entire Shul’s Davening was uplifted and inspired by Yossi’s serious approach to connecting with Hashem. (Even if we did poke some fun at the Hoible” )


That effect of Yossi’s Davening has remained as a constant at our Shul. Yossi is still there very much. 

When he walked into Shul the first time carrying his ArtScroll Gemara with the fancy leather cover, and offered whomever wanted to learn the Daf along with him, he immediately had our core group hooked. All of us, started appreciating the Daf for the first time in our lives and have remained steadfast in continuing it since. Yossi would come to the Lapa minyan every Sunday and make the egg omelettes himself before the Daf. 


Larger than life…


We are a group of 10, that only started the Daf because of Yossi and still going strong. 

Yossi is still with us, very much. 


Yossi’s deep connection to gedolim from every corner of the earth, gave him a multi faceted approach to yidishkiet. He respected and loved every yid because he only saw the good  in them, which happens when ones insides are all good. 


We’ve learned so much from Yossi, and our lives are forever better because of the incredible 4 months we got to live in close proximity with him and his family. 


He’s still very much in our lives. 


Yeheh Zichro Baruch


Zeesh & Tzivie Mermelstein 

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