Remembering Yossie Yurowitz, A’H: By Chaya Lew

It is as a party planner that I got to know Yossie. Layala brought me into their family because of a simcha. When my clients make a simcha, I am making a simcha. They become my family. If a family is making a simcha they are full of simcha, pride, and thanks to hakadosh baruch hu. Yossie was full of all of those.

Yossie spoke so proudly of the wedding they had just made. How he was involved in helping come up with the delicious menu that was served. He had no problem making a vision that he had happen.

If I were to sum up in one word how I saw Yossie, it was this, a “Doer”.

I meet many different people in my line of work. I differentiate them as “sitters” or “doers.”

Yossie had no problem getting his hands dirty! Rolling up his sleeves and getting something that had to be done, done (irregardless if it was a fitting task for him or not)! I remember him telling me how he was at an event that was not going smoothly. He saw something had to be done to help the situation, and he stepped in to help out, even though it wasn’t his job.

Yossie began to hire me for his clients. For the first business job I did with him for his client, I wasn’t clear about when I was supposed to hire the waiters from. They were first coming later to help with the actual set up for the meal, but I personally needed help. He stayed to help me shlepp and we called around until we got another set of hands to help, as well.

The actual party was over late, we were all tired, he made sure to call me and find out if I arrived home safely.

We once did a barbeque picnic at a nursing home and had hired two waiters, one of which was supposed to be the actual griller at the barbeque. The waiters were both coming together but got stuck in massive traffic. I remember that day well, the party was outside, it was around 95 degrees that day, we were both red faced and sweating. The event was about to start but there was no actual food ready, I was busy with the rest of the set up. So Yossie rolled up his sleeves,  fired up the grill, and started cooking the meats, because it had to get done, and there was no one else there to do it….

I can also remember the pride he took at a trip he to Israel he arranged for a client as a thank you to bunch of its employees. What he planned for them was breathtaking. Noone who was there will ever forget it. He showed me pictures of the trip. I only wished I was there too.

I also new he was doing, and caring. So much so that he ran to volunteer with jewish kids who were at risk and needed a safe place to go. That was “Our Place.” A place near and dear to his heart. When there were leftovers at an event, he would try to take the extras to share with them. Always, thinking of another.

I can also say he was humble. Not because of things that I knew about, but because of parts of his life that he kept to himself. I only learned of it, because I read a story about it after he died. I never knew how he ran to help on that infamous day we refer to as 9/11.  How he thought he would surely die, or that his friend, he thought, actually did. He saw that there was a crisis. He believed he could help, and he did.

Yossie loved beautiful things. Baruch hashem he got to see beauty. He had a beautiful wife, beautiful children, a beautiful home, and beautiful yiddishe nachas. May he continue to see and be a meilitz yosher to his ever growing beautiful

Chaya Lew

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