Our Memories of Yossie Yurowitz, A’H – By Jeff Patow and Tzvi Jacobowitz

Yossie at the Kever of Rav Elazar Abuchatzera Zatzal, whose Yahrtzeit is this week.


That describes Yossie, Joe, Yurowitz when it came to his connection to Daas Torah.  He was always so grateful to just have the opportunity to be in the presence of greatness.  Yossie was all in when it came to Tzadikkim.  He bought and made his Rav with all his heart and soul.

As we approach Parshas Matos-Masei, which is the week of the tenth Yartzeit of Rebbi Elazar Zatzal, we are reminded of his tremendous attachment to the Abuchatzeira families.  Yossie grabbed and cherished every opportunity to be a part of greatness.

After the Rav was Niftar, Yossie spent hours putting together all the different logos and artwork to enable the generating of announcements.  He always looked to do everything in the best way it could be and never cut corners.  As each Yartzeit came up, he would give his all to prepare the day’s events so that it would be done with the highest element of Kovod.  Every single minute detail was planned to the nth degree.

We all know that about Yossie.  That was his nature and he translated that to the things he loved most. Family, Torah, and Chaveirim.

Yossie loved to travel to Kevorim to Daven.  Yerushalayim, Tzefas, Meron, Netivot, Monroe, Monsey, Mezbish, Uman, Berditchev, Lizhensk and Krakow.  He always insisted we look for a new Kever to daven at.   A Tanna and Amora on the way to Tzefas or Meron.  Tzadikkim in Europe in far corners on the way to Lizhensk.  It didn’t matter where – the world was open for discovery.

For when a road trip beckoned, Yossi wasted no time in planning “additional stops”.  We had to be on our toes as you never knew where you would end up.  The middle of an Arab Village for the Kever of Yisro.  Or a “shortcut” that Yossie knew thru East Jerusalem.

Yossie, now that you are walking, running, sitting, and engaging with Rebbi Elazar Zatzal, and all the tzaddikim of previous generations, please daven for your family and Chaveirim.  As you sit next to the Ohr HaChaim Hakodosh, we know how instrumental you were in our learning from his Seforim, setting up a weekly Shiur on Ohr HaChaim and of course pushing Artscroll to come out with an english version of it.  Please daven for us as we try to always learn and emulate your zeal, attention, reverence and awe with Torah.

We so miss your companionship, we miss your snoring, your driving, popcorn, sleeping on facetime while learning with Tzviki.  Bolshevik hat wearing, Kevarim Hopping in the middle of the night, flight stopovers, becoming the traffic agent in Meron for a day, schlepping extra luggage…etc

And our own international spy.

We will never forget our times spent together.  You were and continue to be an inspiration.

Our Chabura and tripod is missing one leg.

Jeff Patow and Tzvi Jacobowitz

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