In Memory of

Yossie Yurowitz, A'H

Yossie had a special love for the mitzva of Ner Shabbos and always made sure to be at his Wife's side preparing the wicks as she welcomed in the shabbos 10 minutes early.

Let's help keep his flame alive and perpetuate his legacy by ushering in the shabbos 10 minutes early in his memory. We will enrich our own lives in the process!


A light for eternity

Shabbos Candles – The eternal flame of the Jewish people

A Jewish woman carefully reciting the blessings of Shabbos in the soft glow of the candlelight, is one of the most beautiful and enduring of all our commandments. 

This mitzva which is unique to the Jewish woman, gives her the opportunity to beseech Hashem for all of life’s important blessings for her and those she cares about.

Our sages teach us that the Shabbos candles brings marital harmony and joy into the Jewish home.


fill your shabbos with light.

Life is so hectic….

How many times do we find ourselves literally ‘running into Shabbos’ at the last second?

The day is short and there is so much to do and before we know it, Shabbos is upon us! The candles are lit at the very last moment under severe stress.

Going into Shabbos this way, negatively influences the entire home. Instead of Shabbos being permeated with joy and serenity, it is saddled with strain and anxiety.

It is an opportunity squandered and a moment that can never be recaptured.


a light for Yossie, A’H.

Bring the majesty of Shabbos into your home and soul 10 minutes earlier.

'A Light for Yossie’ is a project dedicated to the everlasting memory of Yossie (“Joe”) Yurowitz O’BM, who understood and cherished the mitzva of the Shabbos candles and its positive impact on his family and shalom bayis.

We invite you to discover and embrace the magic of this special hiddur mitzva in his memory.

Accept upon yourself bli neder to light the Shabbos candles 10 minutes earlier each Friday afternoon before the Torah requirement and help keep Yossie's light alive!

This will be an everlasting merit for Yossie’s neshama..



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