Remembering Yossie Yurowitz A’H – by Rabbi Daniel Mechanic

It happened every Friday night at the end of Maariv. Always memorable. And inspiring. And utterly gishmak! How I yearn for those precious moments. Alas, they no longer take place. And there is an enormous void in my life. It took place immediately following davening. A quick glance behind me towards Yossie-and then, always, he would throw me his inviting smile and sparkling eyes. We would walk towards each other, exchange some warm Shabbos greetings-and then it would start. The stories. The questions. The debates. The suggested solutions. The short vort. Everything related to our topic. The only topic we ever discussed. Klal Yisroel. Chinuch. The struggling boys and girls! Their terrible challenges. We would share painful cases and situations. And Yossi always shone. He always had valuable insights and suggestions. His love of Hashem and Torah, and his belief in the transformative power of Mitzvah observance were always present. But most of all, the positivity and genuine encouragement he gave me. He elevated my ability to be effective in my life’s calling. I loved Yossie. And I really really miss him. Yihay Zichro Baruch.

Rabbi Daniel Mechanic


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