My Memories of Yossie Yurowitz, A’H – By: Moshe Gross

I got to know Yossi for merely the last few months of his life, since he moved into our neighborhood in Montebello. But I feel like I knew him forever. That’s the type of person Yossi was, he loved every single Jew.

Even our secular neighbors all over the pines knew him, all were saying amazing praise of him after he passed. Yossi greeted everyone, smiled to everyone and always with a good word. He brought happiness and smiles on everyone’s face, and everyone loved him so much.

I drove with him to the Satmar Rebbe’s Tzion on the yurzteit of the late Rebbe on Kuv Vov Uv, our conversation was about Rebbe’s and tzdikim, he had such a admiration with so much passion for real Tzadikim.

I had the Zchus to learn with him on many Shabassim the daf. Always so positive and always with Simcha! Torah and the daf was his life. Now at our local Shul, we started a shiur every Shabbos afternoon with 6 to 7 guys learning the daf לע״נ יוסף חיים בן ר׳ הלל ע״ה

He left us With a huge void and he is extremely missed by all of us. So what we can do is to emulate Yossi and follow in his footsteps, constantly strive to do Chesed and be kind to one another and to be always בשמחה as he was.

May his memory be with us, and he shall be a מליץ יושר for his family and all of כלל ישראל.

Moshe Gross

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