My Memories of Yossie Yurowitz, A’H – By: Sammy Trencher

It was approximately 12 years ago when my wife was reading the newspaper and was struck by an article regarding Our Place. She asked that I go to the location and see what kind of organization this was and the services that they provided to the community.

As I walked down the staircase to the basement room, I was immediately greeted by Yossie and Chaim Glanz , individuals that I had never met before. I was embraced by Yossie who spent an hour with me detailing the work that Our Place was involved in and introduced me to at least 25 young men that were there that evening for dinner, therapy or just a caring environment. I watched in amazement how Yossie knew every individual and the true love and respect for each other was real. I was overwhelmed by what I experienced and decided this organization deserves to be supported.

Yossie and I became fast friends after that night because on many many evenings that I visited Our Place he was always always there doing his holy work in helping these kids. Yossie had a glowing, beautiful smile that greeted every conversation and his dedication to helping others will always be appreciated and  his accomplishments everlasting. Several years ago he visited my home to discuss certain changing job options that he was looking into. The conversation was to focus on my thoughts. After 3 hrs of discussion , I benefited more from that night in which he changed my whole prospective of business and life.

I miss you Yossie, but I will never forget you.

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