My Memories of Yossie Yurowitz A’H – By: Beth Rozenberg

I knew yossi as Joe. He was always friendly warm and very sweet. He would do anything for anyone and I learned that first hand. Our family had a simcha in Israel and we traveled there and once we landed we discovered that my suitcase was lost. It was a shabbos simcha and there wasn’t a lot of time to replace the missing items . When trying to locate the suitcase, we needed someone back in New York to figure out what happened. Joe not only volunteered, but he went to the airport and found an agent to help him. He was actually able to locate the suitcase and had the agent send it to Israel. None of this would have happened without the assistance of Joe. He didnt just make a phone call, he took the time and went to the airport to make sure to get positive results. It was way above the call of duty and I told Joe that I would always be grateful for his help. He was just that kind of person, always wanting to help others and making it seem like it was no big deal. Everytime I would see Joe, he had a smile on his face and I feel thats the way he lived his life. We miss him and daven for his neshama. to have an aliyah and his family should be comforted .


Beth Rozenberg

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