My Memories of Yossie Yurowitz, A’H – By: Aviva Erreich

Yossie Yurowitz, ע”ה – your problem is his problem!

By: Aviva Erreich (née Ehrman)

My story is about Yossie’s חסד של אמת for my mother, Mrs. Rose Ehrman, ע”ה, on the day of her פטירה, Nov. 4, 2019.

Yossie was a close friend of my brother, Dov, and got to know my mother while working together with Dov.

“I got it”!

Those were the words my brother, Dov Ehrman, heard from Yossie over the phone that morning.

After getting the terrible בשורה in Israel about our mother’s sudden petirah in Brooklyn, and realizing he needed help on this side of the Atlantic – who else to reach out to, if not Yossie? I was in NJ, in shock, and Dov, along with all my other siblings was in Israel. Uppermost in Dov’s mind: the urging of his Rav, Rabbi Pinchas Abuchatzeira, שליט”א (who was also Yossie’s Rav), to have my mother buried as soon as possible in Har Hamenuchos. The earliest flight was that same afternoon at 5:00 PM, which meant that the aron had to be there by 2:00 PM the latest. Everyone who knew anything told him – “Impossible”!

“I got it” (classic Yossie) was just the beginning. Those words were followed by action. While making an immediate U-turn from heading to work, to heading back to Flatbush, Yossie was already on the phone with the Hatzolah person waiting at my mother’s apt., to let him know he was on the way.

Next, was getting the doctor to drop everything to come and sign the death certificate, without which the body could not be moved, followed by arranging pick up of the body and transportation to Shomrei Hadas, even running to the Israeli consulate in NYC (my mother was a dual citizen) for clearance! The unbelievable chesed that Yossie did that day, for our mother, ע”ה, and our entire family, cannot be quantified. The energy he expended, and the exceptional מסירת נפש he exhibited, were unique to him. Furthermore, the סיעתא דשמיא he had along the way in solving the many logistical and bureaucratic problems that cropped up, was a special זכות that not everybody is able to achieve. It’s clear that with his מעשים טובים he was doing רצון ד’ and that is why he was able to accomplish the impossible.

We are eternally grateful to him for facilitating our mother’s speedy kevurah, and for shouldering many of the difficult burdens we had to endure that day in his characteristically unassuming way.

Yossie, ע”ה, was an inspiration to all who knew him. He set the bar very very high in what it means to help a fellow Jew. We can only hope to emulate a fraction of what we witnessed him doing on a daily basis.

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