Remembering Yossie Yurowitz A’H – By: Gedalia Klein


As I sit here Friday afternoon I vividly remember, and longingly miss what became a Friday afternoon ritual between he and I.

On a regular basis he would call me Friday afternoon. He would start each conversation making sure I had stopped working and was ready to “get ready for shabbos” together with him.

He would then without fail delve into the most beautiful divrei torah on the Parhsa of that week. These were a collection of deep meaningful thoughts masterfully woven like only Yossi could. He literally transported me from the “week” into “erev shabbos” in a 10-15 minute span. I was always left feeling like he put these thoughts together just for me…..

I miss those conversations and miss Yossi zt”l deeply.

May we only share in simchos

Gedalia Klein

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