Remembering Yossie A’H By: His Sister Rochel Leah

Yossie A’H With his Mother

As Yossie’s only sister, the only public opportunity for me to speak, was on the morning we got up from Shiva and went back to the cemetery (as is customary in our family). At that point my other brothers had come down with Covid, and I was the only one there to represent our family. I  just wanted to recap the things that we had spoken about during the Shiva since we all had to separate.

Yossie was suddenly taken from  us on י’ח מר חשון….synonymous with his initials  יוסף חיים, at the young age of 51. We had just marked the 4th yartzheit of our dear mother ע’ה  this past summer, who was also taken from us so suddenly at the young age of 69. If you add their ages together it equals 120. If you subtract their ages it equals 18, which is י’ח  or חי -LIFE. Together they ‘lived a full life ‘,showing that they are שלם… complete. This is the root of the word שלום  -PEACE. They both lived for Peace and it is our mission now to maintain it in our family and amongst each other.

We sat Shiva for Mommy  ע”ה during Parshas ראה and for Yossie ע”ה during Parshas וירא. The common letters are ר & א…showing us that the way they both were niftar so suddenly was clearly the  רצון אלוקים.  The fact that during the entire week of Shiva, during these unprecedented times, we were able to sit outdoors under a beautiful blue sky without a single cloud allowing all that knew your greatness to mourn together is also a clear indication that the weather is the only thing that we can’t ever control and is Divinely the רצון אלוקים.

It’s hard to believe that you and I were just in the cemetery for the funeral of our great aunt only 3 weeks before, and now we are burying you without any warning. We all believe that Moshiach is coming b’eh soon.  Yossie, you have now been chosen to be part of the army that Moshiach is bringing with him. May we be זוכה to see that day in our times and all be reunited!!!

Miss you with all of my heart ❤

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