Yossie Yurowitz Was A Tzaddik a a Baal Chessed

There are no words that can adequately describe “Joe”. Joe was a humble person who came across as just a typical ” Flatbush baal habayis” He hid his greatness so well. If people would have truly known the person he was … but that was him. He true hidden Tzadik and Baal Chesed.  The lamad vuvnic that you hear about in stories.

Joe was my Rebbi, boss, friend, and mentor. I spoke to him at least 4 times a day for 3 years until the day of his Petira.  He taught me so many things in Ruchnius and Gashmius. Even  when   was he was telling me something about work he always tied it into a vort. Even when he had to make a point as bosses sometimes do it always ended with a vort and me feeling good.

Joe knew the entire Ohr hachayim Hakodosh by heart.  He always had a spontaneous vort ready for any occasion.  His bekius was breathtaking.  He encouraged others to grow is Yiddishkeit.  He Personally encouraged me to do the Daf when it started last year and I still do it today because of him.  He would go through all sorts of trouble for a Minyan and probably never missed one. This is amazing for anyone but imagine how much more so for someone that traveled like him!

People were always calling him for help and he always knew how to help. He specialized in everything.  It was astonishing to watch.   A book would not be enough to write everything I saw and about all the people I know he helped.

He took people’s problems to heart and didn’t just move on. He carried them with him. You could tell it really bothered him.

Yet he never spoke about it…

He used to prepare me for whichever Yom tov was coming up to make sure I was prepared in depth. Halachah and divrei Torah so that I should have something to tell my wife and kids.

Every single thing he did had a ruchniyusdike reason. The reason he davened at certain times, said certain things,  etc. Even the jokes he made had so much depth…

His knowledge of Kabbalah…

I could go on and on but words will not be enough.

I will never forget him and the lessons he taught me and the life I owe him.

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