Kenneth Rozenberg Remembers Yossie Yurowitz A’H

It truly is hard to share stories of someone you love so much because the stories fade but the feelings that emanate stay and grow forever. After 20 years, I am left with my feelings of love, admiration and respect for a human being who was larger than life. The exact details of the stories may evade me, but the feelings that I have for yossie are so intertwined in my heart and soul that they will never be forgotten.

When I first met Joe Yurowitz, he came across as a confident and supremely nice person working as a salesman for Creoh Packaging. After the 2nd or 3rd time I saw him, I kept seeing him reading a particular book. I asked him about it, and he told me that it teaches him how to be assertive and have follow through in closing deals that he is working on. I was shocked. Joe or Yossie, as I began to call him came across so well when I met him that I would never have thought that he would be reading a book in an area that I thought he was so talented in; but that was yossie. Always looking to improve himself!!!

Yossie was always the calming force in the whirlwind that was always created when Rav Elazar or Rav Pinchas was involved. I hosted a seudah every year in honor of Rav Elazar’s Yurzheit, and Yossie was the one who put it ALL together. His attention to detail was legendary and he knew exactly how to set things up so they would be beautiful, classy and yet understated. When yossie walked into my basement and nothing was ready, I knew it would all be all right. Always dressed impeccably and always with a smile and upbeat demeanor. And the seudah always turned out to be perfect. He researched the meals, plated them ahead of time to make sure it will look presentable and prepared everything with perfection.

One time we needed to take the cork out of a huge bottle of wine (6 liters  quadruple magnum).  I have no idea how yossie did it, but he managed to take it out and he gladly went around and poured every guest a glass (50 people).

Whenever we went to Israel, yossie was the life of the party but never in a showy way. Always respectful and always funny. Rav Elazar loved yossie so much and I am sure that they are in shomayim having conversations and talking in Torah. Yibodeh bein chayim lechayim, Rav Pinchas was also such a huge fan of Yossie. Who wouldn’t want to be friends with somone who was always happy and nice to everyone.  And who always was looking to help everyone in any way possible.

If I have to sum up yossie in one word – it’s “CLASSY”.  Yossie, I miss you terribly. You were “my guy”. “my right hand”.  You have left a void in my life that will never be filled, but the feelings and memories of the great times we had will live on forever. May you be a mailitz yosher for all your friends and especially for your family.

Forever in my heart,

Kenny Rozenberg

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