Yossie Yurowitz, A’H – by Sruly Hartman

Yossie was a force of energy. Anything he cared about he gave it his all and more. He had such a love of
life and Yiddishkeit. He had a burning desire to help others. He loved and cherished his family immensely.

I am fortunate to have been his friend.

I could always count on Yossie to come with me to Williamsburg for ,חנוכה לעכט ,נעילת החג ,שמחת בית השואבה
and פורים . Together with our sons we basked in the warmth and simchas יום טוב with the Satmar Rebbe.
I remember a while ago the Skverer Rebbe’s third son Yaakov Yosef, who was friendly with Yossie, called
Yossie and told him the Rebbe would like to speak with him. Yossie called me and asked if I would go with
him. I of course said yes. The Rebbe wanted to know how Our Place operates. We sat there for a long
time. Yossie spoke with the Rebbi and was very open with him. It was amazing to see how much advice
Yossie had to offer and how much the Rebbi appreciated it. Before we left, the Rebbe thanked Yossie for
his time and told Yossie that he wants to be part of the great חסדים that he does. He then took out $100
and told Yossi to use it for Our Place.

It’s difficult to grasp that Yossie is no longer with us. I think about him all the time and miss our
adventures together. I miss going to do חסדים with him. I miss speaking with him about everything and
nothing. I especially miss our debates, specifically the one about “doing mitzos knowing the reason vs
doing them not knowing the reason”.

I know that Yossie is not sitting still in גן עדן but that he is fighting and advocating for his family, friends
and all of Klal Yisroel.

Sruly Hartman

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