Yosef Chaim Fogel Remembers Yossie Yurowitz A’H

Yossie and I shared a bond. it was different from the other friendships I had over the years. he was older than me. I had the younger guy at Our Place and at first I had no idea what Yossie was about. I thought he was some ballabus who came by to sign a couple of checks and would make few  comments and that was it. Then I saw him deal with the guys. I was in awe. Literally. He had a way to reach even the most distant guys. Finally, I found out that he was a Yosef Chaim too and it was the clincher. We would always joke that all of of us Yosef Chaims were the same.

Yossie took me to many Gedolim that were visiting Brooklyn for brachos and hadracha of certain boys. Yossie would argue each point out with them as if they were his own Tzviki. Each boy wasn’t just another OTD kid, they were someone’s child and Yossie made sure that we knew that…well.

Yossie once took me to central bookings to pick up a boy that was there. He treated him like a son, scolding him yet with love, lots of love.

I miss him dearly. I only hope that we can all be a little like him, loving all children of Hakodsh Baruch Hu like our own. יהא זכרו ברוך

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