Tribute to Yossie Yurowitz A’H – By: Avrum and Miriam Zweig


Who would have thought a year ago this time, that we would soon be gathering for the Hakomos Hamatzeiva for Yosef Chaim Ben Hillel a”h. In our wildest dreams we couldn’t have imagined that a man so alive, so dynamic, energetically pursuing a life of Torah and Chesed, would be plucked away in the prime of life.

There was so much that he yet wanted to accomplish. He was still in the midst of being Mechanech his only son Zviki-the apple of his eye. There was so much nachas still ahead of him, to be enjoyed together with Layele. He was intertwined with so many Chesed activities for the sake of the Klall. There was so much Torah he still hoped to learn.

Yossie a”h, was the husband of our beautiful niece Layele, the quintessential Eishes Chayil. Layele was the first grandchild to be born to the Zweig family-the only grandchild that Zeidy Zweig was zoche to see.

We have many questions to ask, but although we don’t know the answers, we strengthen ourselves with the Possuk “HATZUR TOMIM PE’OLO”.

May Hashem continue to watch and guide Layele and her beautiful family and may Yossie a”h be a Meilitz Yoisher for his beloved family and for the many lives that he touched!

Uncle Avrum & Aunt Miriam Zweig

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