The Bookson Family Remembers Yossie Yurowitz, A’H

When the name Yossi Yurowitz comes to mind invariably terminology like” our place” or The “Ohr Hachaim Hakodesh” emerges over the horizon. Chessed and Shomrim were just a few of his many coveted organizations. All of these accolades was the Yossi that we knew.

The Yossi we knew, albeit ALL of the above, was most importantly our friend and neighbor and a role model for Jews. A Shabbos by Rabbi Abuchatzeira, a Yom Kipper in Satmar, time spent by New Square plus a plethora of many other encounters is testimony of what a giant Yossi was. He always took self inventory and attempted to raise the bar. Family was extremely important to him. A model husband a superior father and a top rate son/in law.

As his neighbor we felt like family too. We could always rely on Yossi for big or small favors. Whether it was taking in the a package or mail or checking out the house when the alarm went off we always knew we could count on the Yurowitz’s! More than once we called on him to check out a ringing alarm and calm down frightened kids when we weren’t home.

The Yurowitz’s were the most  ideal neighbors. Friendly and fun and easy to get along with! I could always count on Yossi for a good shmooze or a good line! He gave off a feeling of true Simchas Hachaim.
There is one incident that strikes us the most from all of the 22 years that we had the privilege of being neighbors . 13 years ago our 3 year old daughter was admitted to the hospital with a bad pneumonia. Despite all the tension and drama it was also Erev Sukkos. A few of our other children were in need of being transported from Brooklyn to Monsey which is where  they would stay for the Yom Tov. The stage was set for all of our children to be cared for EXCEPT for one minor detail; Who will drive our other children from Brooklyn to Monsey on Erev Yom Tov? We didn’t have to worry for long because we had a volunteer before we could ask anyone. This unprecedented offer came from none other than Yossi Yurowitz.

Yossi worked, Yossi had a family, and Yossi too needed to get ready for Sukkos. Parenthetically, Sukkos in the Yurowitz home was a tantalizing sight. A LOT of care went into their decorative Sukkah, Gourmet delectable meals and myriads of guests. An offer to “drive to Monsey” at this juncture of time was quite a tall order. Yossi remained  steadfast and firm in his offer and even made us feel as if he wasn’t going out of his way.

Wow!!!!! He was so quick to” lift a finger for us “ when we needed it so badly!  The inimitable Yossi went above and beyond. Because of this incident I departed every morning’s Shachris with a unique pinky handshake to Yossi  for his unparalleled favor. One can NEVER forget such a benevolent chesed.

Yossi was one of a kind! יהא זכרו ברוך.

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