Shavy Freund Remembers Yossie Yurowitz, A’H

Once he moved to Monsey, Yossi davened many tefillos at our basement minyan. His presence is so missed by all – it is as though we lost a family member.

Yossi was always so punctual, and he was made fun of for that — but due to his good nature, he always handled it in stride.

The part that was amazing was how he was friends with everyone who davened there – it didn’t matter how you dressed, which pronunciation you used, he was just super friendly to all.

When we did the calculations, we couldn’t believe that we only knew him for four months, it felt like we knew him forever, and he had been part of the group since the beginning.

Yossi was the one that suggested we do a Shabbos afternoon Daf Yomi Shiur, and he was the one to deliver it.  This is still ongoing and the learning is now done Le’iluy Nishmaso. Yossi also started the Daf Yomi Shiur at the daily Shachris minyan, and it is still affectionately referred to as The Yossi Shiur.

I’m sure there is so much that people have shared, but the piece that stuck out for me the most, was how he handled EVERY SINGLE PERSON with such respect. My son is 11. Yet Yossi would walk in on Friday nights, walk over to my son and say ‘Hey, are you going to come down tonight to shul?’. He made everyone feel so important.

Honestly there are no words, I have no idea how someone could have left such an impression in such a short time period of living here that it physically hurts to think about all this, but the mere fact that he did, shows what a fine character he had, how he was so well liked, and with a sense of humor to top it all off.

May his beautiful family – (for whom his love was so abundantly clear) find healing and comfort and may mashiach come speedily to reunite them.

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