Ricky Blau Remembers Yossie Yurowitz, A’H

I get the email each week and light candles 10 min early.

I tried to write my memories a few times but it’s so difficult as I feel I can never write enough. When reading the stories over this past year it seems like Joe had endless time for everyone. I don’t know how he did it.

I knew who Joe was from around the neighborhood. He picked up pizza in my husband’s store, Pizza Palace. I only really got to know Joe a few years ago when he called me to discuss marketing for The Grand.

After the first meeting he walked me out and I remember his words clearly ” That went well” when I asked what he meant he stayed and told me how well I answered all the questions and how impressed he was with my pitch. I left feeling like a million bucks.

Joe was a marketing guru. Always with another idea. Giving and taking, discussing and dissecting he was also a super salesman:)

Once, at Chanukah time I brought donuts with me to a meeting. He really loved them. I told him it was from my husband’s store and from that day on The Grand became a customer. He was a true friend.

Joe, was unbelievably funny. Everyone knows the expression “I’m falling off my chair” Joe, actually did that once when he heard something outrageous. We started going to Orlando for Pesach after he told me about it. His favorite line about Pesach in Orlando was, that you get to wear a kittel with your bathing suite underneath (not an image I can forget)

When Joe reached out to me to help him with building a website for “Our Place”  I felt honored to help, little did I know he would be helping me.

We met numerous times about it, he wanted it perfect. He was so invested it was as if he didn’t have anything else.

During Corona we spoke every single day from May to June until the site was launched. He really didn’t need to speak about it every day but he knew I was having such a hard time being locked up. He made believe he had to speak about the website. He was a true lifesaver and a true, true friend.

Joe, I really miss you.

I know he is still looking out for his family, grandkids, wife and children he never stopped speaking about.

His words and gestures of friendship will stay with me forever

Ricky Blau

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