Remembering Yossie Yurowitz A’H – By: Shimmy Lax

“Chap Arein..”

I have a beautiful picture of Yossie A”H. He is smiling while he is learning. It wasn’t an ordinary learning session. It was right after the Chupah of his children Yaakov and Baili. Our Rov was giving an impromptu Daf Yomi Shiur. What did Yossie do? He joined the shiur! It was only for a few minutes, but to Yossie every minute counted. He was always utilizing every minute of the day to better himself and those around him. To “Chap Arein” another mitzvah, another zechus, help another child at risk. Yossie was always running to do better, to be better, to inspire, to help another Jew. He would always demand more from himself and those around him.

I would have many conversations with Yossie. He would always talk about the klaal. What more can we do? What else can we learn? On his long distance drives (there were many) he would listen to shiur after shiur and was excited to tell over a new insight, a fantastic vort, a different way to understand the Ohr Hachaim.

It is told about Reb Chaim that he makes a siyum on Shisha Sidrei Mishnah every year. It is not an ordinary learning Seder that this Siyum is derived from. Reb Chaim attends many Simchas every year and until it is the time for his kibbud he learns Mishnayos. It is from these precious moments that the siyum is made. Yossie emulated and walked in the ways of our Gedolim. He accomplished so much in his lifetime.

To Yossie, time was precious. He taught us that every moment counts.

Yihay Zichro Baruch

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