Remembering Yossie Yurowitz, A’H – By: Menachem Hartman

Left to right:
Menachem, Tzviki, Yossie, A’H

There are many things to say about Yossie. I just wanted to highlight a few things that impacted me. Yossie always felt like family to me. The kind of uncle that everyone wishes they had. He always had a kind word, a vort on the parsha, and great explanations on davening. When my parents were sitting shiva he took the time to call to see how I was coping (not just about them). We were in Florida when my grandfather was niftar and having Yossie there was a great comfort to me and my family. He made sure that we had minyan, and stayed for a long time after davening to make sure we were ready for yom tov.

I always knew I could count on Yossie to be there when needed, or even just for fun. He enhanced our purim seuda every year with authentic simcha, that was my highlight of every purim. It was also a lot of fun having Yossie come with us to satmar (always making sure Tzviki came along), as great company in a sea of people. And the very frequent shabbos visits were always a good laugh, yet I’d still walk away feeling like I learned something new.

Yossie told me many times not to live by other peoples’ standards, but to be better and be the best I can be. And this was something I learned by example. Doing nothing was impossible for him. There was always something else to do, another yid to take care of, and many other things that I’ve only heard of now. When my grandmother was sick, there was a lot going on, and Yossie called to ask me if I needed a break. He invited me for shabbos saying that Tzviki needed company, but I realized afterwards that his main goal was making sure I was fine.

Yossie will always hold a special place in my heart, and will never be forgotten. I will forever more yearn for another chance to speak to speak to the most amazing role model in my life.


Menachem Hartman.

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