Remembering Yossie Yurowitz, A’H – By: His Parents In-Law

ברוך אומר ועושה

Just to add to all the memories of so many friends, neighbors, and fellow shul learners and מתפללים, we miss Yossie immensely.  חבל על דאבדין ולא משתכחין – Woe for those who are lost and are not found.

Just to mention a couple of things that stood out in my mind, spending פסח סדר night with Yossie and family was truly special. The way he would give over the message of the סדר was an amazing experience.  He put all his energy into it, actually sweating, and we all looked forward to his famous puppet show getting the kids involved acting out the מכות in מצרים.

Last year before יום כיפור, even though it was our minhag, we were hesitant to go out to do כפרות with chickens because of the pandemic.  But Yossie, always thinking about others, Yossie stopped by our home in Staten Island to make sure we did כפרות with live chickens!

We stayed in for many weeks and later in the year, after פסח, he again went to bring a tree in the car for us to say the ברכת אילנות, something no one else would think of.  But Yossie was like no other.  He was an inspiration to us all, always willing and ready to give of himself to all.

May his נשמה have an aliya on the upcoming yahrzeit and may we all witness the coming of משיח בקרוב ממש.

Moishe and Rozzi Zweig

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