Remembering Yossie Yurowitz, A’H – By: Chanala Gewirtz

I really have so many good memories. I remember like yesterday when Yossi drove carpool you knew it was going to be a good day ! He always got us all laughing ! He always had a story and dvar Torah for us ! Asking us parsha questions. ! Like any normal daughter Baili was so embarrassed but I really always loved the challenge ! He really made us all feel so good ! Asking us what we’re learning , what test we have , he genuinely really cared !! He was so fun ! Calling out to us after he dropped us off trying to embarrass all of us ! All in such a fun loving father way ! I remember when I was about like 7 and my parents weren’t home and I fell Rivka right away brought me to you guys and of course Yossi always running to help told hatzolah that he wants to drive me Bec I was scared to go into the ambulance !! I won’t ever forget that ! How he stopped everything and ran just to make me feel comfortable & safe ! We really feel like family ! We grew up with you guys . Hashem should give you and your entire family the strength to continue being the beautiful family you guys are . Yossi was always so proud of you all  . May he be a meiletz yosher for all of you.

Hamakom yinachem aschem bsoch shaer avley tzion yerushalayim .. May we only share in simchos

Chanala Gewirtz

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