Remembering Yossie A’H – By: Tzvi Bressler

I write this with a broken heart.

I sit here in utter disbelief and shock not believing that Yossie is no longer here. I think back on all the good that Yossie brought to this world.

I have known Yossie for 35 years. Yossie was always positive, full of life and always striving to do the right thing in a sensitive way.

Yossie and I worked together for 9 years at a watch company. There was a time when he became my boss and before accepting the job, he made sure to tell me that we would be working as partners (even though he was my boss!). Most people would not speak to their workers like that, but that is who Yossie was. He was always thinking about other people. At any given time, Yossie would stop what he was doing to help teenage boys who were trying to find themselves. It could be 1 pm or 1 am, he was always trying to help those boys and their parents any way he could. Most people would not do that but that is who Yossie was.

Whenever someone needed help with any sort of financial situation, Yossie made sure to never make them feel embarrassed. Most people would not do that but that is who Yossie was.

Family was the most important thing for Yossie. Nothing gave him more joy than to spend time with his children and grandchildren. He was always smiling and did everything he could for them.

I feel so lucky to have had Yossie as my friend. We did not necessarily speak every week or month, but I considered him a best friend. One of the most important things I learned from Yossie was not to focus on problems but on solutions.

Everything Yossie did was to better the world in a positive way, that is just who Yossie was.

Yossie, you will be missed BUT NEVER FORGOTTEN.

Your broken-hearted friend, Tzvi Bressler.

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