Remembering Yossie A’H – By: Moshe Kelman

In just a few weeks it will be 16 years since I first meet Yossi. It started at the 6:20 AM shacharis by Rabbi Sherer and followed with the 7:05 Daf Yomi. During the time we spent learning the Daf it became apparent that one of Yossi’s many skills was the study of Bioacoustics, and he was always willing to shear his knowledge with us.

When he made the transition to the health care industry Yossi began by learning everything there was to know. We would often meet by trade shows and it was incredible to see how much knowledge he acquired and retained in a short time. At first he would ask me questions and over time he became my go to guy for industry insight and information. His insight was always accurate but at the same time he was very protective of the ways his company was doing things he never ask me for, or gave over any information that was company specific. He had a clear understanding of a friendship and a potential competitor he never blurred the lines.

Over time he got me involved with an organization that was very close to him you. If you knew Yossi you already know the name Our Place. Night after night, day in and day out. He was a huge personality in the organization. Nothing was too small a task for him, from arranging dinner for the guys to collecting funds so the place could function he did it all. Always with a huge smile and a helping hand the guys always gravitated to him, and he help so many of them. The connection was not over once they graduated from Our Place he was invited to many of their simchos and was involved in many of their other life cycle events.

Once he made a remark to me that I still don’t understand and as often as I asked him I never got an explanation just a smile and a small chuckle. He told me I inspired him to but on Rabanu Tam tefilan, I have no idea how that came about but often he told me it was my zechus.

Another fascinating aspect of his life I would like to point out. Most people who put on Rabanu Tam don’t put on tefilan during chol hamoad. Yossi did in fact were tefilan during chol hamoad, he was not sure on how to proceed so he spent a lot of time researching and learning the Halacha not just a few hours but days went into his learning.  He felt he knew what the proper thing was for him to do, But when he spoke it over with his Rov he was told differently. Yossi could have went back and forth with him on the sugya but he did not, what his Rav said was the final word. A trait we all can learn from.

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