Remembering Yossie A’H – By: Michael Kronenberg

About 15 years ago, Reb Yoss’l z”l was working with chashuva Dov Ehrman at Creoh…the display company. Up to that point we had known each other casually from Asia trips but not really that well.

A very important biz deal from one of the nation’s largest drug chains  came my company’s way with me assuming the responsibility and leadership of the project.  A major factor, if not The Major factor, to seal the deal was the manufacturing of a floor tower display to the high standard required by the Drug  Chain.

Although there were various opinions expressed  within our company, with entire deal contingent on the prompt delivery and extraordinary high standard of over 7000 displays, Hashem sent us Yossi !  The level our shared  נאמנות ( trust) was off the charts as we traveled together to the Midwest several times so nothing from the chain’s engineering, operational team or buying team would be misunderstood.  People and other colleagues of mine could not understand how we could take an ” outsider” to meet with one of our largest potential accounts with such an enormous deal on the table. I was totally comfortable.  Our chemistry was fantastic ב”ה.   Many curveballs were thrown our way, but the trust, competency and dedication demonstrated by “Joe” was sincere, ehrlich and always b’derech ha’yashar.  We made the deal and miraculously delivered on time. Probably the largest single deal we ever made. We remained friends till he was niftar. Zechuso Yogen Aleinu.

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