Remembering Yossie A’H By: Fraidy Lichtenstein

Everyone calls him uncle joe, but to me he was uncle Yosel and i was his Fraidel. Over the past year I heard so many amazing thing that uncle Yossi accomplished. As his niece I had the privilege to see the smaller daily accomplishments and it is those small acts that I hold onto until this very day.

When I was a little girl I used to sleep in the Yurowitz home every other shabbos. The shabbos table was always set to perfection and it was a very special place to be. Yossi always loved to start the seuda with a brachos party, in order to say  meah brachos over shabbos. When the seuda was over everyone would come to the table and bench aloud together. This is something that we do in our home today for Yossi. It is the small things that little kids pick up on, and Yossi knew that in order to get us to thank hashem for our beautiful seuda singing aloud together was key.

Another attribute of Yossi that stuck out to me was his respect towards others. Yossi listened to everyone when they spoke. He encouraged us to add to the seder in any way possible and he loved hearing us add to his shabbos dvar Torah’s. I remember the last shabbos before he was niftar; Azriel and I came to visit on eruv shabbos. Our daughter Ahuva was sleeping in the carriage and we didn’t want her to wake up. But as everyone knows the Zweig mishapacha doesn’t  wear shoes at home. Yossi ran to the door to help us. He carried her carriage and put her in a quiet room so that she can continue to sleep. He respected everyone no matter their age and to me that is incredible.

Yossi was the best uncle anyone can ask for. I miss him so much, and hope to see him soon with the coming of mashiach.

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