Remembering Yossie A’H – By: Ari and Chani Grunberger

Yossie, you were always a guiding light; a helping hand. Someone to whom we could always turn at all twists and turns along life’s road. A thoughtful word, sound advice, and actions to bring them to fruition. On you we could always count.

We have many fond memories of Yossie and we are truly grateful for having had the opportunity of spending that last Shabbos together with Yossie in Monsey. He was so proud and happy. He loved showing us around, taking us on an hour long to walk around the corner. He was happy with the meandering walk to Shul, along which he did not fail to say Good Shabbos and a funny comment to anyone and everyone, frum and non-frum alike. It was amazing to see how everyone we passed knew “Joe” after just having been in the neighborhood for such a short time. We are grateful for having spent time those last few days and watching how happy and at peace he was.

We will miss your smile. We will miss your encouragement. We will miss your example. We truly miss you.

Love, Ari and Chani

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