Remembering Yossie A’H – By: A Cousin

I remember that awful morning when I woke up to the horrible pit-in-your-stomach kind of news. My first cousin Yossie Yurowitz was taken from us much too soon. At the age of 51, he had accomplished in his short life more than most of us can achieve in a lifetime. Yossie had a tremendous Simchas Hachaim. He’d always have a kind word to say or a joke to crack. Whenever I’d see him, he’d always call me by my full Hebrew name, which is a mouthful (and won’t be disclosed here). I will surely miss that. He was always joyous, and wanted to share nachas from his beautiful family. When we would speak, the first thing he’d share was a cute quip about his eineklach, who of course would do no wrong. He was the proudest Zaidy, beaming as he picked up grandkids and lovingly involved in their lives. He would always have pride for his children, telling me about their accomplishments etc. Yossie was a tremendous Baal Chessed. His involvement with kids at risk, amongst many other causes for the Tzibur was done humbly, without any fanfare. He just did what needed to be done, with tremendous anivus. Yossie, your children are so fortunate to have learned from the way you lived your life-to always give and to ask for nothing in return.

Yossie, you have left behind a beautiful family, who feels your loss so completely. You have paved the way for them to continue on your path of gemilas chasadim. May they be comforted and reassured that you are moving mountains on their behalf, in the olam haemes.

Yehi zichro boruch

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