Remembering My Father-in-Law By: Yaakov Genuth

Having someone like Aba as a father in law was everything I could’ve ever hoped for. Right from the start he welcomed me into his family and accepted me as one of his own. It didn’t take long for me to realize that I had gotten the best FIL a young guy could have. When I slept through Shachris the first Shabbos after I got engaged, Aba made sure that I didn’t feel bad about it. He went on to joke how I was lucky because I got to daven at the later minyan. What impressed me the most was when Aba got a whole crowd of drunk yeshiva guys at my aufruf to willingly be quiet and listen to his “short speech”. When they moved Monsey, Aba would joke how sad it is for me that I had to bump into my Father in Law at Schiners all the time. Little he did know that I actually enjoyed it, and what I wouldn’t give now to have that again.

Although I didn’t get to know Aba all that well, he had a lasting impression on me. I learned from him what it means to be a real family man. That family comes before everything. He also taught me what it means to be a real Torah Jew. Everything he did was so real to him. You could just tell that he was a man who didn’t live for himself. I’m lucky enough to have known Aba for the time I did, and I know that I will be better person because of him.

Aba I miss you and may you be a Meilitz Yosher for all of us.

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