Remembering my Beloved Husband Yossie A’H

(These remarks were prepared for Yossie’s 1st Yahrtzeit.)

Yossie would not want me to cry let alone any of us to cry!! But to celebrate the life he shared with others.

Yossie would want us to rejoice and celebrate his life by drinking fine wine or booze and by listening to good music. Yossie would want us to talk about the family and the good old times that we had with everyone.

Yossie had achieved the true Midah of “Somach B’Chelkoh”. He was always satisfied…Never complained and never needed anything. He had a big heart and hand to give to others and make others happy. His life was about keeping the peace and making everyone else happy. Nothing was too hard for him. Yossie would always say, “saying No is the easy way out, saying yes is always harder.Let me think about it. He would rather think it through and explore all the possibilities by using his chuchmah so he could say yes. He never wanted to disappoint anyone, especially his children and family. Yossie was a true people pleaser!!

Yossie as a husband gave me strength and encouraged me to become the woman that I am today. He always believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself. My accomplishments as a wife, mother , grandmother, daughter are all because of Yossie. I could not have been who I am today had I not been a part of his life. He was my true “Aiyzer K’Negdoh”. Yossie gave me the strength to go on…. And still does.

Yossie had a twinkle in his eyes and a smile that lit up any room that he walked into. There was never a time where he would walk by someone or see someone man, woman or child and give them a big hello . It did not make a difference if you were a non-Jew or a chassid, you still got that same big “Yossie Greeting”.

We all know how Sinas Chinum destroys. We have to remember that Yossie had the Midas of Ahavas Chinum. That is the character trait that should most be remembered about Yossie, his love for Hashem, the giving the caring, not a jealous bone in his body, and his unbelievable Ahava he had for all mankind…

This past year has been a trying time for my children and myself.

I cried, I cry, I cried, I cry. I cried. I still cry……

I ask why?? I ask why Yossie ? He did everything right. I ask why me?? The answer is simple, why not Yossie!! Why not me!!

I am truly grateful he did not suffer and that we did not have to watch him suffer. That Yossie left this world just the way he wanted to . Without being a burden to others.

Yossie accomplished so much in his life . I am so grateful to have spent the most amazing 30 years with him. He was my true best friend and the love of my life.

He was the most amazing father to our children. He would go to the ends of the earth for his family. His grandchildren meant the world to him. None loved their family more than Yossie. BH I have an amazing support system. My dear Aba & Mommy, Yidle & Naomi, Mendy & Mimi, Ari and Chani and all my nieces and nephews .

We could not have gone through this year without you. Love you all.

To my wonderful children. Shimshon & Riki, Heshy & Esti, Yaakov & Baili, and Tzviki. You are all so strong and I have so much Nachas from all of you. You make Aba and me so proud. I love you all so much.

To my Yossie, I will love you forever!


– Layala

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