Remembering my Beloved Father – By: Tzviki

In Parshas Vayishlach, it says that Yaakov prepared his family’s well being in the case he dies. So he split them into 2 camps so if gets killed the other one should have everything.

So too ABA prepared so much in his life for us to take now, and that was his legacy. ABA was a world in its self. The world of ABA was just like the Mishnah says העולם†עומד†על†שלשה†דברים†. ABA’s world was a world of these 3 things and he left all the stories and lessons to take with us. Let’s go through each one.


ABA would get up early to learn the daf. He finished his 3rd cycle and started the 4th. ABA learned the Ohr Hachaim every week and on Shabbos in shul he would tell me to go find it for him. Every time I needed a speech it was always on the Ohr Hachaim. There was a guy in shul that he would always talk to about it. Instead of listening to the radio in the car, ABA would listen to Rabbi Eli Mansour and I never liked listening to it so I would try to turn it off. He would say you should listen to what he’s saying it’s unbelievable. I used to go with him on Thursday nights to his Shiur.

Every time we were doing a Mitzva, ABA would always turn to me and ask “Do you know what you’re doing? Do you know why you’re doing this?” I would always say no. He would tell me and as he was telling it to me I would think to myself that I should’ve said I knew the reason. ABA was always busy telling people Dvar Torah. We spent out last night together learning Kitzur.


ABA’S davening was so important to him. He would never miss a minyan and he would work his day around a minyan. Whenever we would see a person using his hands to daven, he would turn to me, roll his eyes and say “half the people that daven like this have no idea what davening really is”.

ABA was a person that knew his davening. Always learning and writing in his Siddur the meaning of Davening and what every letter and word meant. Not only did he write meanings, he also wrote personal notes to himself. Such as in the Beracha of שעשה†לי†כל†צרכי

he wrote Hashem should give me all my needs not my wants.


ABA has been going and helping in Our Place for at least around 20 years. I would go with him and he would always tell me these kids are just looking for someone to care about them and make them feel loved. ABA would talk to them about anything. What they were dealing with at the moment, sports, politics or whatever else they wanted to talk about. When we moved, the only thing he cared about was that he wasn’t going to be able to go to Our Place every night. ABA would tell me “look around, look at these kids. Most of them are going through a hard time. You should appreciate and thank Hashem for everything that you have”.

Another thing that ABA always said was “you don’t have to tell anyone what good you do. Don’t make yourself into a big Tzadik”.

 ABA always wanted to show Our Place to his family and friends. He wanted to show them what they are doing. He was always so proud of how Our Place had helped so many people. Every time we would go away wether in Florida or even Israel, former Our Place kids would run over and ask “Are you Yossie Yurowitz”?

ABA helped so many people that had terrible credit card debt. He would go to Boro Park late at night and I’ve even gone with him on some of those occasions. People were always calling him and he would take his time, sit down and talk to them. He would figure out the best option on how to help them. There was guy that came during Shiva and said his business was going down and that he was in credit card debt. He said “someone told me to call Yossie Yurowitz. I said how is he going to help me? What does he know? So I called him and he talked to me and got me the help I needed. I never even saw him, it was only over the phone. Is it possible for me to see a picture? I want to see what he looked like”.

There was another man that came over to me right after Shiva, and said I just want to let you know I had family issues and didn’t know what to do. Someone told me to call Yossie Yurowitz, so I called him and he sat with me and got me the help I needed. He helped through the entire thing. There was a guy

in shul, and ABA along with someone else found out that this man only had one box of Matzah for Pesach. So ABA thought to himself that if he only has one box of Matzah that means he doesn’t enough food for his family for Yom Tov. So they went and collected money for him to have enough food for Yom Tov.

The next thing I want to talk about is ABA’s family. His family was his whole world. ABA was always there to make sure everything was OK for everyone. If there was ever any problem he was there to help. It didn’t make a difference where he was or what he was doing, he was always there to help in any way possible. When we moved, ABA was so happy that he can finally have all his kids and grandkids under one roof. Where there was room for everyone to sit and relax. ABA would wait for Shabbos and Yom Tov when everyone would come. It was really exciting for him. Whenever someone would come over during the week, he would try to come home early to see them. ABA loved his son-in-law’s as his own kids. If Riki, Esti or Baili would come over and Shimshon, Heshy or Yaakov weren’t there, he would always ask where they were and want how they were doing. When they got married, he never gave his opinion, and never got into their business. He was always there if they needed him. ABA would never ask his son-in-law’s to help with anything. He just didn’t want to bother them.

ABA’s favorite time of the week was his weekly Erev Shabbos FaceTime with the kids. He would wait all day for them to call him.

There weren’t many times that ABA would get on the floor but he would sit on the floor and play with the kids. He loved when they came to his bed and asked him to read them a book, but if they didn’t he would ask them.

ABA would always take us away to Florida for Chol Hamoed, and would take us on amazing trips all the time. He loved when everyone was together, smiling and having a good time.

Now let’s talk about ABA’s favorite child, “Me”.

 ABA called me his right hand man and his side kick. Apparently someone even gave us a name. ABA and I did everything together. We packed the house together, actually I did and he watched. We made a fire pit together, oh actually I shleped the rocks and he told me where to put them. But besides for that, I’m so thankful for the time we spent together. We would go to Rebbes together, and I would go with him in the car almost everywhere he went, and everything he did we did it together.

ABA loved to spent time with me. It doesn’t make a difference where we were. On Chol Hamoed he told me to get in car we’re gonna drive around, “I found this park let’s go check it out”. I didn’t want to go, but then I did. As we were going back to the car he gave me the keys and said “you drive”. We got into the car and he said “what crazy father would let their kid drive without a permit”.

 ABA would always let me shlep him to sports games all the time. In the summer, ABA would pass by camp to say hi and to see how I’m doing.

I always tried to get out of everything I didn’t want to do , and he would tell me “you are the laziest person I ever met. You’re going to do it and you have to work hard in life”.

He always called my Rebbi to see how I’m doing. He always wanted the best for me, and everything he told me to do he said “this is the best thing for you, and I know you’re going to do a great job”.

ABA, I hope I was always able to make you proud of me, and I can never thank you enough what you have done for me. I’m so grateful for all the memories that we have together.

I just want to end off with talking about one more very important part of ABA. That is ABA’s partner, his whole life, Mommy. Mommy was the driving force of all of ABA,s greatness. Since ABA was Niftar, Mommy has stood strongly and lovingly, leading our beautiful family. Hashem should give strength to Mommy that she should continue giving us all that we need. She should only have Nachas from all of us until 150.

 – Tzviki

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