My Memories of Yossie Yurowitz, A’H – By: Eli Gleiberman

Eli Gleiberman with Yossie A’H

It’s hard for me to write about Yossi/Joe, someone who I have known for so long and miss him so much. May moshiach come real soon so we can all be united again.

  • The way he davened each morning with such excitement, the way he explained each word of davening, he used to tell me lets at least learn one passuk today, let’s understand what we are saying.
  • The excitement Yossi used to put in a weekly daf paper and how when he was away for a shabbos to still make sure it was done, it was never about him but how he can share.
  • No matter how busy he was and he was a very busy person, when his family called the world stopped, I can think of so many examples of that.
  • He loved his family more than anything else. I remember his excitement when rikki got engaged it was contagious and untouchable, Bailey sheva brochas on shabbos you could not find a happier person and to Layla you were everything in his eyes remember how he always said you look smashing.
  • Spending a shabbos in Dallas with the Yurowitz’s when the shul went together, how he interacted with total strangers and made everyone laugh and feel so comfortable.
  • How when I took a job where joe worked for many previous years, and I didn’t know what was flying how he took me under his wing, and so many times pulled me aside not to embarrass me and told me to do this or that, always looking out for me, how he had his list and if it wasn’t crossed off he needed to work on, he taught by example
  • Flying with him to Chicago for meeting and samples didn’t arrive and we had to stay overnight, the calmness, everything is meant for the best he kept saying.
  • By my daughter wedding, he switched his flight from Florida paid all the switching fees just to try to share in our simcha.
  • Motzie peasoch or sukkas, he used to take me and my son to Williamsburg to see satmar rebbah, how they treated Yossi with such royalty when he came and the kovod they gave him.
  • Always seeing him in Moisha’s supermarket Wednesday or Thursday night shopping, and the pride he showed me his wife list with each item on which isle and exact location, exactly where everything was positioned and then shopping with his daughters, and then esty took over the job from him, how happy he was. One more note when he met Mr. Binink at moishas, the honor and reverence he showed to him.
  • Going to visit OUR PLACE with him, seeing how all the kids loved him
  • Eating sukkah meals in his sukkah, I still think they are bringing out more food, I never saw so many different foods at a meal. [and that was the sukkah with the green walls still]
  • Whenever he went to Eretz yisroel, the excitement of the trip knew no bounds, the gedloim he always made a priority meeting, Lag bomer was always a special time for him there for him, and tzvikies bar mitzvah in Eretz Yisroel with his whole family there was a topic he always referred back and kept sharing pictures.
  • Oh how he loved his big truck, especially in the snow driving and giving everyone rides, you called him and he came no matter what conditions.
  • Watching him talking to his father and mother on the phone, the kibud av vaim that he had.
  • I used to bring packages for children in camp, Yossi is the only one I know who dropped off his package for his girls and always gave me one as well. [mine was bigger than his kids package]
  • Yossi had a great sense oh humor and was always willing to share a good laugh and make someone smile like some of his funny texts like “baby baranker clocked in this morning at 7lbs, baby girl and grandpa doing well BH”, his last text to me after I texted him it was pleasure to see him at bris a few days before the pertira, his response was “you as well, and you look good in a mask”.
  • The pride in his family who he loved so much

We all miss him and loved him!

Eli Gleiberman

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