My Memories of Yossie A’H – By: Eliezer Dahan

I first met Yossi when I started working for Creoh Care, installing the NoWander system.   Yossi was the main manager of the project.

We hit it off right away, as I have no doubt he did with everyone.   Always happy, always joking, always ready to help everyone.  He was the main guy, making sure everything ran smoothly and everyone was safe.

Yossi originally arranged these beautiful hardcover benchers with special Lucite covers for a Bar Mitzvah for Dov Ehrman’s son.  The bencher, from Israel, had a special bracha in it and I was very taken with it.  My daughter was getting married around the same time and I very much wanted to get those benchers for my daughter’s wedding.  Yossi was the one to get it together and made sure we had the benchers for the wedding.   He even contacted the people in China for the Lucite holders but we weren’t able to get them in time.  Those benchers today grace every Shabbos table for all those that came.   That was all due to Yossi.

Yossi was such a special person.  The connection we made established a strong bond and he always made me feel like I was his best friend.

I remember once going to a nursing home somewhere near Albany.  I had one problem after the other to rectify.  I was having a hard time with the maintenance supervisor.  With my good fortune Yossi walked in with an entire entourage, like he was the king.  Right away he gave me a big hug and everything changed from that point.  I felt as if he was holding my hand and everything went smoothly after that.  The maintenance supervisor changed his entire attitude towards me after Yossi came in.  The maintenance supervisor told me ‘If you know Joe you’re one of us’.

Yossi was always a presence; larger than life.  He is sorely missed.

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