My Memories of Yossie A’H – By: Blymi Gewirtz

When I look at Layalas  picture of her new little Yosef grandsons 

I can’t help but think that no one would’ve enjoyed these babies as much as Yossi . 

The only thing that Yossi was more passionate about than his causes was his family . Yossi had a fierce love and pride of his wife & kids . He always took such interest in every facet of his children’s lives . He knew all of their  strengths and weaknesses and he was just so proud of them. 

 Yossi took the time to know what his children were learning and he took the time to know his children’s friends . My Veta has been Rikki’s best friend since they moved across the street years ago so I know this firsthand. Before we started a block carpool my  girls were lucky enough to ride with him to school every morning . Initially he wouldn’t even let my husband Dovid switch off with him – he was glad to drive my girls too  but he 

Didn’t want to share the privilege of driving his girls every morning . For years my girls were lucky to start their day with Yossis upbeat delightful personality & curiosity entertaining them on the way to school. 

With Yossi there was never a moment wasted .. he used the time in the car to teach , to ask, to get to know  both his kids and mine and he left them each day at school on a high to begin their days of learning. 

When Yossi wasn’t focusing on his family he was a man looking for a cause . Nine eleven, hurricane sandy , a Mais Mizvah 

These are just some catastrophes that I personally know of where Yossi jumped  to help – and spent umpteen hours doing so  .. he was the personification of “ bmakom she ain anashim hishtadel l”hios ish” 

Late one night Esti Glieberman called me , 

Her husband was away on business & she was sure she heard footsteps downstairs . Could Dovid come over to check .My husband was away on business too . I must have hesitated  for a minute because it was the middle of the night and then called the yurowitzes.. Yossi sprung into action , reached out to a few friends in Shomrim and within minutes they were at Estis house to check it out. When i apologized in the morning for waking them up I remember Layalas response clearly “are you kidding , Yossi lives for this !” .. 

A man looking for a cause . That’s how we remember Yossi Yurowitz .

He often came across to our Shabbos & yomtov table , he loved to partake in the singing and contribute to the divrai torah . 

I can picture him in our sukkah . Just taking pleasure in the zemiros. Enjoying the yomtov with family and friends . 

Yossi was all heart. He touched so many lives And he will continue to be missed by all those he came in contact with. 

Yehi zichro Baruch

Blymi gewirtz 

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