My Memories of Yossie A’H – By: Benyomin M

Yussie was not just someone I looked up to he was also a close friend.  Until I really got to know him I didn’t realize his vastness of vision his  overflowing heart and spirit in particular of those who didn’t have who to look out for them and his love of life which was a joy to behold.

I heard a class once from Rabbi Dovid Ozeri, a hesped on Harav Avigdor Miller he personified the vision of Rav miller as when he saw a cow grazing on grass  which become a succulent steak to eat and nourish. Just as the rabbi’s foresight saw the actual end product which so few  would conceptualize yossie saw greatness and fulfillment in places and people that they couldn’t see within themselves through giving and love . There is a beautiful insight I heard from my Rebbe Rabbi Eliezer Wallerstein’s brother,  who we just recently lost , Rabbi Zechariah Wallerstein zt”l. It is in reference to Ruth when she returns to eretz yisrael and tries to collect produce for herself and her mother in law Naomi during the shemita year. The people do not treat her kindly and shame her based on her past, coming from the midyanite people, but Boaz who will go on to betroth her that night and be wed for just one night . The pasuk he says a double lashon, vayarrah, vayeiraeh. That Boaz seemingly saw two times. This is odd in tanach we don’t find extra words without purpose. Rav zechariah gave a beautiful insight that he at first saw Ruth at face value a strange girl in strange land and then he vayeiraeh he looked deeper. He saw her meseires nefesh her toil to be there for Naomi to convert to Judaism and leave being a princess and that’s a lesson for us all that’s a lesson for us all to see people for who they really are,what they’re really about not what meets the naked eye or that misleading first impression.

That defined yossi to me. Looking deeper into people, seeing who they really are and how to bring them to that place. He really polished neshamos each and every day I knew him.

And from there this vision and unity ,  blossoms  came dovid hamelech who will lead us out of galus and into the warm hands of the mashiach .may he come speadily in our days . May it be  a zechus for yossi who believed and invested in everyone  at our place especially those who needed him the most . No matter how convenient or lack of , no matter the weather , no matter how far away on business he was, or  traveling from, each night of the week  he came down the stairs of our place practically each night to eat supper talk and play an active role in the well being of the individual and klal.Always with a laugh and a smile.

Perhaps you are the Boaz of this generation yossi .

On a personal note  I would like to thank Yossie’s wife and family that granted him the ability to do this amazing work each night and may it be a meilitz yosher for all .

I will always cherish our bond Yossi and I thank the almighty I was privileged to know you the way thatv i was. Although I miss you greatly  I am a better stronger more  steadfast person please continue to have me in mind with your powerful kochos next to the Shechinah.

With a fiery fervor and much appreciation, Benyomin

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