My Memories of Yossie A’H – By: Aron Schonbrun

I remember once bumping into Yossi A’h in front of our place one night.  He grabbed me and said come with me…took me downstairs  where he grabbed the 1st kid he saw and said to me ” do you have 5 dollars for my buddy here..”.  I said sure & gave the kid $5 ….he looked at the kid and said “do you think there’s any place else in the world where a stranger would give $5 to someone he just met without a moments hesitation?…how lucky we are to part of this amazing family….remember this always much people care about you” …. there’s no doubt in my mind this made a huge impression on this kid who looked like he was trying out for some punk rock group earrings and all…it didn’t make a difference how he looked, yossi loved them all..

you felt it… it was real!

Yehi zichro boruch

Aron H. Schonbrun

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