My Dear Friend, Yossie Yurowitz, A’H – By Srully Wulliger

Today the 15th of Tamuz marks the yahrzeit of the Or Hachaim Hakadosh. Anyone that knew Yossi was aware of the strong connection that Yossi had with the Or Hachaim. Not a week would go by without Yossi sharing a vort from the Or Hachaim, the excitement and enthusiasm how Yossi shared the Vort was incredible.

I remember when I went out and purchased the new set of Artscroll Elucidated on Or Hachaim my first call was to Yossi to share with him my new prized possession.

It was Erev Shabbis Bechukosai and you were able to hear the dancing thru the phone as Yossi was saying how you have to see the 42 ways that the Or Hachaim explains the first Posuk of that Parsha.

Allow me to share the first one with you. “Im Bechukoosai Teilichu”

The reason why the Posuk uses the expression of הליכה – walking , is to convey that a person must engage in Torah study at all times even when he is traveling, one should constantly be obsessed with the love for the Torah.

Yossi was constantly traveling to many of the Nursing Homes that he was operating and overseeing, yet never did a day go by no matter where he was that he was not committed to a Shiur or to a rigid learning schedule that he held onto. The many times that I was Zoche to be the recipient of Yossi’s Torah on the road are sorely missed.

Yossi was constantly “going ” yet he had all the time in the world to speak to anyone that reached out to him. But most of the time it wasnt you reaching out to Yossi, Yossi had a special uniqueness to him that he ALWAYS KEPT IN TOUCH !!! How many of us reach out to our friends just to touch base, Catch up, What’s going on, Is all ok, that WAS Yossi.

Yossi’s extraordinary adherence to Tefilah and to the meaning of what the words mean were also exceptional. How many of us were asked by Yossi, what does ‘Baruch Atah Hashem” mean ? Yossi would add, Hashem needs your Brachos? The discussion that followed always led to more Torah, more Emunah and more Bitachon.

To Yossi, everyone was a Tzadik. As we read now in Pirkei avos, every chapter starts off with the words

כל ישראל יש להם חלק.…… ועמך כלם צדיקים ” “…….Your nation are Tzaddikim“

Rabbi Shimon Shwab on prayer explains, While we are not Hillel or Shammai, nevertheless this shall not deter us from having the desire to become Tzaddikim. In the heavenly courts we will not be asked “why did you not become a Hillel or Shammai?” Rather we will be asked “ why did you not become what you could have become?”

Yossi oy Yossi, we all miss you so much but you became that

“ Yossi ”, that Yossi to all your family and friends and that “ Joe ” to the rest of the world for whom you were Mekadesh Shem Shamayim .

In the Zechus of the Or Hachaim Hakadosh on this special day and the Zecus of all the Tzaddikim that you had a special connection with, you should keep on Davening and continue doing all the work and efforts you have done on this world up to heaven and daven hard to bring Moshiach Tzidkainu speedily in our time.

Have a wonderful shabbos.

Srully Wulliger

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