Ephraim Fischbein Remembers Yossie Yurowitz, A’H

When moving on to “Yossi’s block” some 20 years ago, we instantly hit it off and were welcomed very warmly by Yossi. Yossi and I had many discussions from the mundane to the deep and all were energetic.

Yossi lived life with a gusto and his enthusiasm for what he truly believed in was above and beyond I had ever seen. Yossi was very passionate in his daily chesed endeavors and was always amazed when i would get a glance outside and seeing him coming home so late after a night full of those cheseds.  Often, I would meet him outside and we would talk about his many “projects” and things he was up to.

Being in the same industry, we had so many conversations about how best to show respect and care for the elderly. I’ll miss those discussions and advice.

Yossi was authentic, beloved and a big part of what made East 31 street a great block to live on. We were disappointed last summer when we heard The Yurowitz family was moving away, but Yossi and I promised to keep in touch.

Like everyone else, that shocking morning when hearing of Yossi’s untimely petirah will stay with me for a lifetime. I will miss our shmoozing and laughs. May Yossi’s neshama be elevated and be a malitz yosher for his wonderful family.

Ephraim Fischbein

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